About Jean Marcel Watches

Jean Marcel WatchJean Marcel Watches - The fine line between expense and investment

Jean Marcel is the 100% Pure Swiss watch brand and the No. 1 Global producer of "Limited Edition" complications.  To insure exclusivity, only 300 pieces of each model are produced for worldwide sales.  Exclusive means only 299 other people in the world can wear the same watch as you. 

Award winning Jean Marcel has almost a century of fine, Pure Swiss watchmaking history and is the two time winner of the highest Swiss design and manufacturing award, the Golden Roses Award.

Jean Marcel is considered the champagne and caviar of Pure Swiss watches and has earned an international reputation for manufacturing the finest hand finished, pure Swiss mechanical "Limited Edition" timepieces. 

With the secure investment of a Jean Marcel watch, you will have the assurance of an exceptional product of Swiss Master Watchmakers that will always reflect your distinctive personality and individualism.


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